14 August 2017

Abigail Smith & Justin Clifford Rhody - Slow Boat To China

Slow Boat To China
by Abigail Smith & Justin Clifford Rhody
12 pages, 7" x 8.5"
Digital color printing
First edition of 25 copies
$5 + shipping

"In this slim saddle-stitched artist's book, five previously unpublished works from each artist are paired together in a romantic series of visual duets. In this series of chorus', "there is no verse to this song" and the respective images interplay in a communication of subtle head nods & lip licking."

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Valdemaras Manomaitis - Photograms

by Valdemaras Manomaitis
21 postcards, 9x15 cm
offset printing
Edition: 99
15 € + shipping

Valdemaras Manomaitis is using light of an object itself, in this case, mobile phone. This way it transfers a telephone SMS to a paper and returns the modern technology to an analogical way of information transmitting. “Photograms” is released as postcard set and offers to send a message not in a digital form, but in epistolary way...

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12 August 2017

Julia Borissova - Lullaby for a Bride

Lullaby for a Bride
by Julia Borissova
15cm x 10cm, 17 single sheets
digital printing on cardboard
Handmade cover
Limited-edition of 100 signed and numbered copies.
€23 (27$)

"This project is a composition of photo collages and installation works. I focused on the theme of Wedding as a rite of initiation, drawing on my investigation of fairy tales and folk narratives, as well on the interdependence between people and nature."

Paul Bradshaw - Tokyo

by Paul Bradshaw
80 pages, 25cm x 28cm / 9¾” x 11”
Black & White Digital Printing
Edition of 100
HK$480 plus shipping

"The enigmatic city of Tokyo seems to combine a multitude of different elements, ranging from ancient Far Eastern mythology to playful retro-futurism, to create a style which is unique to itself. This book ventures beyond the neat and tidy main streets and delves into the antiquated alleyways to search for an authentic image of Japan's capital city."

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Chris Neopytou - Madrid

by Chris Neopytou
28 pages, 14.8 x 21cm (5.83 x 8.27 inches)
Saddle stitched (stapled), Digital printing
Edition of 50
£7.00 +shipping

"The streets of Madrid are presented as a frantic labyrinth of light and shadow, where one image bleeds into the next. Chris Neophytou's book is a personal, almost expressionistic visualisation of his experience in the Spanish capitol."

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Adriano Zanni - Red Desert Chronicles (Postcards From Ravenna)

Red Desert Chronicles (Postcards From Ravenna)
by Adriano Zanni
61 single A4 prints, 29,7x21 cm (11,69 x 8,26 inches)
b/w offset on recycled Free Vellum paper 215gr
Edition: 200
Price 35€

Red Desert Chronicles is a selection of pictures Adriano Zanni shot in the last decade in the Piallassa area, north of Ravenna, where the huge refinery stations, the commercial port and the desolated natural oasis melt togheter.
The box is a tribute to the land where Michelangelo Antonioni filmed his masterpiece The Red Desert in 1964, which marked its 50th anniversary in 2014.  Adriano Zanni was born in the same place and year, and works in the same refinery where the movie takes place (ANIC, now Eni Power).

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Various artists - Amplitude

with Alexey Bogolepov, Margo Ovcharenko, Irina Ivannikova, Anastasia Tsayder, Igor Samolet, Olya Ivanova, Irina Yulieva, Irina Zadorozhnaia, Anastasia Tailakova, Yury Gudkov.
Edited and designed by Anton Lepashov
Curated by Nadya Sheremetova
Published by FotoDepartament

Box of 10 books. 28 pages each., 160 x 232 mm
Digital printing
Edition of 1000
Box: 95 €
Each book: 12 €

"AMPLITUDE is a periodic project that presents current names and the forms in which contemporary photography exists in Russia today. AMPLITUDE also aims to explore the power of image in the format of book and print in the digital age."

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28 July 2017

H. Alder - Paper Lenses

Paper Lenses
by H Alder
48 pp., 148x210x5 mm
Hand type-set letterpress printing. Link stitch binding.
Contains 4 black and white photographs, hand-printed in a darkroom on fibre paper.
Edition: 48 copies in total.
GBP 15 pounds

"A collection of 4 photographs accompanied by colour plates and very short stories that offer different interpretations of the image. As the books are letter-pressed, there are imperfections in the text, but this makes them unique.All artwork is original and only published in this book."

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26 July 2017

Chantal van Rijt - Analemma

by Chantal van Rijt
In collaboration with: Werkplaats Typografie / Adriaan Van Leuven
48 pp, 27 x 20 cm /10,6 x 7,9 inch
Offset printing
Cover: Munken Kristall 300gr
Inside: Munken Kristall 150gr
Edition: 250

"In an attempt to photograph the sun, it turned out to be impossible for a normal camera to do so. The sun is too strong, resulting in a burnt spot on the picture. The only way to photograph the sun was indirectly, by projection."

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25 July 2017

Gilles Mercier - Zona de Alb

Zona de Alb
by Gilles Mercier
2 books, 24 pages, A5
Offset printing, on Quadri, 240gr & 130 gr
Edition: 100 copies signed
25 € incl. shipping

"In the 1950s, the Romanian authorities announced that leprosy, this 'divine punishment', had been eradicated in Romania, whereas actually all lepers had secretly been sent to Tichilesti. Officially recognised in the 1990s, but admitted nowhere, fourteen villagers still remain in this white zone, the territory of the forgotten, the “Zona de Alb”. In 1999, I took a path leading away from the main road that followed the Danube Delta. In 2016, I came back, and found that scientific and social progress have not followed the same path."

Daniel Sannwald - Sukurin (スクリーン)

Sukurin (スクリーン)
by Daniel Sannwald
In collaboration with YES Studio
100 pages, 148 x 210 x 5 (mm), 5.82 x 8.27 x 0.2
Digital printing on HP Indigo
Edition: 100

"Sukurin is a new publication that explores the work of photographer Daniel Sannwald in 100 unique editions. The book is the physical counterpart to a website made in collaboration between Daniel and YES Studio. The website positions Daniel’s work from the last 10 years in uniquely generated layouts, a clash of subjects from Music, Fashion and Portraiture come together to present Daniel’s work in a warped interpretation of the contexts in which it exists — billboards, music videos and spreads in Fashion magazines."

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24 July 2017

Sarah Pollman - The Distances Between Us

The Distances Between Us
by Sarah Pollman
Designed by Dennis Hankvist / Trema Förlag
56 pages; 8x11.25 inches
Offset Printing
Edition of 400
360 SEK // $40USD

"The Distances Between Us is a visual investigation of cemetery markers used to describe the anonymous deceased. The book contains photographs of elaborately carved stones labeled father and mother and numbered markers from cemeteries that formerly served state-run hospitals, jails and schools. Collectively, the images explore photography’s inherent relationship to memory and loss, recalling nineteenth century post-mortem photographs, eulogic portraits of loved ones displayed on mantels, and the desperation we feel to immortalize the lost."

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Misha Pedan - Eternal Presence

Eternal Presence
by Misha Pedan
174 pp. / 29.6 x 21.2 cm
Offset print
Edition of 800/Special edition of 30 including a signed print
48.00 EUR

"Misha Pedan’s images are infiltrated by another presence, that of a fellow artist, Jan
Håfström, whose earlier work The Eternal Return is overlaid, subtly and sometimes almost imperceptibly, onto Pedan’s own. Two series crossing and intersecting, without merging into a third unity."


23 July 2017

Peter Oey, Hean Kuan Ong, Fábio Miguel Roque and Eden Lai - Orient & Occident dual zine

Orient & Occident dual zine
Peter Oey, Hean Kuan Ong, Fábio Miguel Roque and Eden Lai
62 pages + 40 pages , 210 x 297 mm
Black and White Content, Color Cover. Laser printing
Edition: 100
Price: 30 Euro

"Four picture hoarders from The Netherlands, Malaysia, Portugal and Taiwan, all book lovers, and self-publishers, wanted to share their lust for pictures and the pleasure of the presentation in print."


17 July 2017

Karlis Bergs - Once a Dream Did Weave a Shade

Once a Dream Did Weave a Shade
by Karlis Bergs
Ardesia Projects
84 pages, A5
Offset printing
Edition of 500
Price  €30 or $28

"On some level we all want to be somebody else, somebody special. We all look for that transformative thing, that for a moment makes us forget who we are and lets us be free from our worries. I think most people find it on some level or another – a place where they can forget who they are and become somebody else."

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15 July 2017

Helen Jones - Stripes of light

Stripes of light
by Helen Jones
10 pages
full color
8.25 x 6.75 in
$4 + shipping

"This collection of light leaks, fogged images and accidental exposures was taken on a variety of cameras over many years. The images in "I have nothing more to offer you but stripes of light" are all the better for their mistakes."

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Elizabeth Char - Paris's Scenes

Paris's Scenes
by Elizabeth Char
40 pp., 21 x 14,8 cm
June 2017
HP Indigo Print
Cover Paper - White Offset 300 gr
Inside Paper - White Offset 150 gr
Edition of 50
14,00 € + shipping

"I walk in the streets. I get lost in the faces. Is the life of others a reflection of my ideals? A feeling of having failed, of having forgotten so many moments."

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03 July 2017

Denis Lebioda - Waiting for the snow

Waiting for the snow
by Denis Lebioda
17x24 cm, 80 pp.
 Duotone print on paper Olin Regular natural white 150 g/m2.
Duplex cover on paper Materica white and blue. 
Hot stamping, with a real photo (6 different vignettes)
Swiss binding.
Square fold, sewn with visible blue thread, 2 curved corners.

"Since several years, Lebioda enjoys to document the territory of Hautes-Alpes where he live and works.While browsing these pages, you will find yourselves in the middle of areas which look like they are deserted by humans, who however have imagined, designed and built them.You are about to begin a photographic walk that is likely to shake your habits, to lead you beyond the traditional Alpes imagery."

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Matt Gholson - Rural Route Four

Rural Route Four
by Matt Gholson
24 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches 140 x 216 mm
Color Glicee Print, 32 lbs
Saddle Stitched
Edition: 20 signed copies
Price: 8 dollars
"In 2014 I worked for awhile as a Rural Mail Carrier in rural Southern Illinois and I took some photographs on the route. This annotated edition includes some thoughts about the job and the landscape."

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23 June 2017

Kirill Golovchenko - Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue
Kirill Golovchenko 
104 pages, 275 х 185 х 14 mm
Offset printing
Edition of 500
€ 30

"I took these pictures on the Black Sea in Ukraine. In the circle of blue swim ring, you can focus on beach life much better and at the same time obscure other details. My pictures show situations that I find interesting, appealing or revolting."

Jessie Churchill - Perennial

by Jessie Churchill
Size 22 pages / 29cm x 42cm
Digital printing
£12 + shipping

'Painterly scans of flowers and plants'

11 June 2017

Grant Archer - IS

by Grant Archer
28 pages, 14.8 x 21cm (5.83 x 8.27 inches)
Saddle stitched (stapled)
Digital printing
Edition of 50
£7.00 +shipping

"Grant Archer presents a series of photographs made in Iceland during a writing course. The mysterious Icelandic landscape provides the setting for an introspective visual investigation."

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06 June 2017

Chris Mottalini - Land of Smiles

Land of Smiles
by Chris Mottalini
148 pp, 8.5x11 inches
Japanese binding with two specialty paper stocks
Offset printing
Edition of 350
$60 + shipping

"Land of Smiles is a surreal, color soaked trip through the built and natural landscapes of Thailand...wildly sculptural fluorescent streetlights out in the provinces, Bangkok's endless maze of backstreets and, finally, strange jungle plants and flowers seen at night. Land of Smiles is an immersive and obsessive vision of Thailand as few have ever seen it."

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Matthew Thompson - Camino

by Matthew Thompson
112 pp, 21 x 14.5cm
 $29.00+ shipping

"The Camino book is the result of several past pilgrimages on the Camino de Santiago, an ancient spiritual trek across northern Spain, prior to any interest in photography, and then walking the Camino Primitivo and Camino Frances again. The Camino is a special place, a spiritual trek, both more alone and contemplative, yet at the same time social and communal, and is a rare place of community, in a world becoming more and more fractured."

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Thomas Pickarski - Adventures of Otto, a Tiny Toy Dinosaur

Adventures of Otto, a Tiny Toy Dinosaur
by Thomas Pickarski
self published, 2017
36 pages, 20 cm. x 20 cm. / 8 in. x 8 in.
Digital color printing (silver halide)
$59 plus shipping

"A photographic and narrative character study based on a toy dinosaur and his adventures through a series of exotic locations. Throughout the series, Otto emanates an awakened sense of childlike wonder as he explores life as a little dinosaur in a big world. This hand crafted, hard cover, stunning quality book is printed on heavyweight archival photographic paper, with incredible detail, a luster finish, image wrap pearl finish cover, and lay-flat binding."

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Abby Banks - Women's March

Women's March
double exposures zine
by Abby Banks
1 page, folded
full color wax ink
4.25 in x 2.75 in
$2 + shipping

"This 'lil zine by Abby Banks is made up of double exposure holga photographs of the massive Women's March in Los Angeles January 21st of 2017. It comes with a couple 'Hex on Trump' stickers."

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01 June 2017

Giacomo Fierro - Symptoms

by Giacomo Fierro
28 pp / 21 x 14,8 cm / 8.3 x 5.8 inches
digital bw print
Edition: 25
10€ plus shipping

"Symptoms, represents a period full of changes: while I was deciding on my future, I travelled a lot, again shooting at nighttime, to recreate the pensive atmosphere I was living on a personal level."

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25 May 2017

Riccardo Vitali - Photosintesis

by Riccardo Vitali
Folded single page in plastic bag10x7cm(closed)
41'5x21'5cm (open)
Digital printing
Edition of 50
10euro eu shipping included

"Reflection about the intimate connection between natural world and human life."

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Giacomo Fierro - Hic et nunc

Hic et nunc
by Giacomo Fierro
28 pp / 21 x 14,8 cm / 8.3 x 5.8 inches
digital color print
Edition: 25
10€ plus shipping

Hic et nunc, is the journey that I made to recreate the bond with my hometown. I left after high school and now I return to those places less and less. I lived in Rome for 4 years but I never really felt at home there. For this reason I often went back home and decided to set my first work there, choosing to shoot at night to describe this feeling of estrangement."

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Flávio Andrade - Vago

Flávio Andrade
48 pages, A5
Editing, concept and design by Fábio Miguel Roque
Soundtrack by Jibóia (Óscar Silva, Ricardo Martins and André Pinto)
Black & White Digital Print
All copies come with a CD Soundtrack
Inside Paper - Splendorgel Extra White 160 gr
Cover Paper -Splendorgel Extra White 300gr
Edition of 50, Numbered & signed
15,00 € + shipping

"They are self-portraits this "Vago", in a deconstruction of the defined and focused, in this impression / emotion."

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22 May 2017

Jaka Babnik - Why So Serious?

Why So Serious?
by Jaka Babnik
published by Rostfrei Publising
96 pages, 44x66 cm
offset printing
Edition: 60
150 EUR

"Jaka Babnik captures the apparent paradoxes in the external appearance of the cultural landscape he lives and works in. Instead of giving a strong statement, the images reflect some of the main issues related to the development of living spaces. Why do these seemingly illogical structures appear and attract attention? Why take the organisation of one’s own life and space so seriously? Why does this kind of absurd situation generate outrage and invite ridicule?"

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Ian Mackown and David Pritt - Year of the Rooster

Year of the Rooster
Ian Mackown and David Pritt
Published by EndoftheLine.xyz
A5 Hardback cover contains 36pp zine 14.8 x 21cm / 5.8 x8.3 inch and A3 foldout poster
Offset print
15 GBP plus shipping

"Around the corner from the festivals and celebrations, and in edged contrast to the allurement of traditional Oriental charm: a direct, matter of fact and unflinching vignette into a darker, unforgiving and ruthless side of Chinatown that prowls the shadows, and lies in wait behind the welcoming smiles and the sleight of hand liaisons of her benighted alleyways and pavements."

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21 May 2017

Quentin Pinczon du Sel - Forest such as love, fire on everyone

Forest such as love, fire on everyone
by Quentin Pinczon du Sel
36 pages, 14x18cm, 5.5x7 inches
Offset printed in 4 colors onto 130gsm Silk paper, softcover printed onto 140gsm Uncoated paper.
Edition: 25

"These photographs were taken in March and April 2016 during a trip to the Chinese provinces of Guangxi, Yunnan and Sichuan, and in Chongqing Municipality. They are a personal vision — and thus highly subjective — of the contrasts that describes China today; but they mostly are the remains of a trip to a complex country to be assimilated, remains then transformed into a chaotic and lyrical succession of moments."

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De Kwok - Lust To Love

Lust To Love
by De Kwok
64pp, 8 x 12
4 color print/ perfect bound/ Offset printing
Numbered Edition / 1st Pressing 50 copies
 $25 (USD)+ shipping

"A photozine exploring identity through masks and cover ups using friends, lovers and strangers."


12 May 2017

Henrik Malmström - Una Excursion a los Indios Ranqueles

Una Excursion a los Indios Ranqueles
by Henrik Malmström
52 pp / 14.8 x 21 cm / 5.8 x 8.3 inch
Laser Print
Edition: 25
Price: 16€

"A personal interpretation of the Argentinian classic, A Visit to the Ranquel Indians, from Lucio V. Mansilla."

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Christian Reister - DRIFTWOOD 5

DRIFTWOOD 5 | Warzawa
by Christian Reister
36 b/w pages, 14.8 x 21 cm / 5.83 x 8.27 inches
digital printing, saddle stitch
Published in April 2017
Edition: 50
€ 40* + shipping
*Note: Price is for a subscription that contains four issues of Driftwood: No. 5, 6, 7 and 8.

"Bad weather in Warsaw. Rainy, grainy, dark."

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Alexis Maryon - Port of Newhaven, VHF Ch. 12

Port of Newhaven, VHF Ch. 12
by Alexis Maryon
60 pages, 198 x 298mm
b/w digital printing
numbered edition of 120
£8 plus postage

"There are certain places that become significant to us in our lives, places that we’re drawn to, return to and seem to act as a touchstone to ourselves. It’s often hard to convey these feelings to other people who may well see the place in perhaps a negative light. For me the Port of Newhaven on the South coast of England is one of these significant places, I absolutely love it: the lighthouse at the end of the harbour arm, the ferry (underused) going to and from Dieppe in Northern France, the industry, the fishing, the chalk and sandstone cliffs, the beach and always the sea."

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Tymon Markowski - Flow

by Tymon Markowski
Design: Kasia Kubicka
Photo edition: Joanna Kinowska
20x15 cm, 60 pages, 28 photographs
Hardcover, accordion book
Edition: 300 in standard edition, 100 in special edition
Price: 50 zł / 15 euro

"Tymon Markowski lives in Bydgoszcz since childhood, a city that recently turned its attention favorably towards the Brda River that ends in it. In order to know his river better, he set off on a trip, visiting places in the river’s vicinity, looking for surprising or extraordinary pieces of reality. The whole trip turned uncanny when he discovered a second place named Bydgoszcz - a small village near the source of the river, at a distance of just 106 kilometers in a straight line from the other Bydgoszczs. It is an unusual space in which he began to „Flow”.

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Tyler Annalora, Frank Fina, Charlie Reinagel - Wayward Bound

Wayward Bound
by Tyler Annalora, Frank Fina, Charlie Reinagel
Self published
Additional contributors: Dylan Bellingan, Michael Weybret, Jeremy Gonzalez, Pete and Shruthi Lapp, Sarah Ferguson
26 pp / 15 x 23 cm / 6 x 9 inch
Digital Printing, Perfect Bound
Edition of 100, includes 4x6 35mm print and illustrated sticker
$20 (free shipping in US, international shipping adds $10)

“Inspired by movement, Wayward Bound depicts real life experiences of the dynamic traveler. It is shot through the lens of eight photographers living temporary or indefinite mobile lives exploring the United States. Available in print form only, we step away from the fast paced digital world and share Wayward Bound as something to hold in your hands.

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11 May 2017

Charity Thomas - On the edge of silence

On the edge of silence
by Charity Thomas
30 pages / 10,5 x 14,8 cm
Digital printing
Hand-stitched binding
Cover – 280g Kraft paper
Inside – 120g Olin paper, 3 detachable photos printed on 120g pure recycled cotton paper, 4 pages of silk paper (3 blank + 1 with printed text)
Edition: 20
Price: 20 euros + shipping

“An exploration of both physical and inner places and spaces in between England and France, in between isolation and escapism, in between reality and imagination. A state of “in-between” where memories of pain, worry and solitude coexist with calm, nature and fantasy.”

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Julie Hascoët & Pedro Seromenho - Cartographies secrètes

Cartographies secrètes 
by Julie Hascoët & Pedro Seromenho
Publisher self-published / co-produced by Capsule Galerie (Rennes)
3 mini-zines & posters made of A3 sheets, pocket size is 162 x 114 mm
B&W digital printing
Edition 100
4€ + shipping

"This zine has been published as part of « Interzone » exhibition at Capsule Gallery, Rennes (FR). It is part of a project called « Atlantic Walls » around illegal techno parties, and bunkers occupying the sea-coast of Bretagne, a region in Nort-West of France. This project is about secret cartographies, underground codes to parties, and hidden geographies and places."

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Various photographers - 5 Years of Shooting Street Photography

5 Years of Shooting Street Photography / Un cincinal pe stradă
by Eli Driu, Patricia Hilbert, Cornel Hlupina, Oliver Merce, Mirela Momanu, Dan Moruzan
228 pages (190 photos); 23,5 x 22 x 1,7 cm
offset printing, matte paper 150g/m²
Bilingual text in both English & Romanian
Edition: 200
25 Euro + shipping

“Clearly this collection is very carefully put together but above all I sense that the photographers really care about what they do. I’m impressed. It’s also a rare glimpse into a country perhaps not that well-known for its street photography. So for me, this is a discovery.” (David Gibson – In-Public)

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Nick Tauro Jr. and Fábio Miguel Roque - Beyond / Além

Beyond / Além
by Nick Tauro Jr. and Fábio Miguel Roque
60 pages, 21 cm square / 8 inches square
HP Indigo Print
Edition: 24 copies
$18 usd / €18 (plus shipping)

"Álem Beyond" is a collaborative project between Fábio Miguel Roque and Nick Tauro Jr.Both artists set out to shoot on October 22, 2016, each taking a solo road trip, departing from their homes at midnight, and shot over the next full 24 hours. The book reads as an English version, featuring Nick's photos, and if you flip the book over, it reads as a Portuguese version, with Fabio's photos featured."

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Lucía Peluffo - Somos uno. Somos dos.

Somos uno. Somos dos.
by Lucía Peluffo
64 pages, 20,5x26,7 cm. 8x10.5 in.
Offset printing
Edition of 300: 250 soft covered and 50 hardcovered, silk printed and comes with a small numbered print. Both editions are numbered and signed.
 30 € soft cover /  95 € hard cover.

"The book shows the evolution and everyday discoveries of a couple under formation, and what happens when they choose to be “alone together”. They become one, and disappear. That one is now different, is no longer composed by the sum of these two."

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Various artists - Home & Away

Home & Away
Edited by Claire Cushing & Nathan Pearce
Additional contributors: Karen Ward, Rana Young, Zora Murff, Kamil Sleszynski, Sean Johnson, Will Arnold, Rachel Jump, Brian Nolte, Chelsea Crossett, James Whiting, Matthew Bender, Amy Parrish, Jamie Ho, Michael Dietrich, Rossella Castello, Matt Oberski, Jameson Kergozou, Amanda Breitbach, Nathan Pearce, Tim Carpenter, Devin Lunsford, Sarah Hamburger, Claire Cushing, Alice Chloe
33 pages 8.5 x 6.75 inches
Digital printing

"Our latest group zine featuring 33 photos from 24 photographers, based on the theme "Home & Away".

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19 April 2017

Henrik Malmström / Mario Bocchicchio - Paisajes de Asia

Paisajes de Asia
by Henrik Malmström / Mario Bocchicchio
48 pp / 20 x 31 cm / 7.9 x 12.2 inch
Digital Printing
Edition: 50
Price: 20€  + shipping

"Collaboration between Henrik Malmström and Mario Bocchicchio. Including internet images, notes, sketches, paintings and photographs from Buenos Aires."

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18 April 2017

Aonymous - Twin Set

Twin Set
Found photograph set
Publisher: Ghetto Squirrel Press
16pp, 297 x 210mm (8.27 x 11.69 inches)
Digital Print
First Edition of 50 copies, numbered
£4 + £1.50 shipping

"'Twin Set' is a 16 page book containing a set of found photographs taken at random times throughout the lives of twin sisters. The first pictures are taken when the twins are young girls in what looks like the 1940s. We don't have any other details, the names of the twins, where they lived or how their lives unfolded."

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16 April 2017

Tim Carpenter, J Carrier, Nelson Chan, Carl Wooley - TIS02

by Tim Carpenter, J Carrier, Nelson Chan, Carl Wooley
4 books (3 color, 1 b/w, ranging 32-48pp), 20cm x 24cm
HP Indigo printing
Edition of 300
$50 + shipping

"In TIS02, photographers Carl Wooley, Nelson Chan, J Carrier, and Tim Carpenter again join together to create a multifaceted work that is both a set of four unique books and a unified cohesive statement. TIS02 reflects a collaborative concern to bring the camera and the world together in a way that honors both the thusness of the object and the interiority of the subject."


13 April 2017

Rodrigo Ramos - Ex Corde

Ex Corde
by Rodrigo Ramos
Additional contributors: Emiliano Molina, Alejandra Magdaleno
8 diptychs of paper in a folder (32 pages), 38 x 27.5 cm
Offset printing
Edition: 500
$21 + shipping

"Inspired by the pictorial image of the martyr San Sabastian, Ex Corde (Latin phrase that means “from the heart”) is a documentary project with boxers; however, I wanted to distance myself from the representation of the sport by way of images that made reference to pain and fragility."

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Julia Borissova - J.B. about men floating in the air

J.B. about men floating in the air
by Julia Borissova
Self published art book
Handmade, Leporello binding, Hardcover
28 pages + postcard, 100mm x 150mm
Digital print
The second english edition of 300 copies, signed and numbered by hand
€35 + €7 shipping

"My book is about every person’s dream to break the vicious circle of all kinds of constraints and to fly away to a distant unknown in search of unlimited freedom and to find there true motherland and real home."

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